Syria Fired A Missile Near Israel’s Nuclear Reactor

Syria fired a missile near Israel’s nuclear reactor, Israeli army retaliates.

Sirens started ringing in the country’s Top Secret Nuclear Reactor due to a missile fired on Syria from Syria in the early hours of Thursday.

Israeli military gave information about this. After the incident came to light, the Israeli army retaliated and attacked the missile launcher and air-defense system in Syria.

In recent times, missiles have also been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. In response, Israel attacked several bases in Hamas, which controlled Gaza.

The incident is one of the most violent incidents between Israel and Syria in recent years. There are indications about the incident that Iran also had a role in it. Iran’s troops are present in Syria and have a hold here.

Tehran has consistently accused Israel of attacks on its nuclear facility. The latest case is on 11 April, when Iran’s vicious nuclear facility was vandalized.

Iran also accused Israel of this and vowed revenge. Iran also threatened to complicate efforts to revive the ongoing international nuclear deal with the US leadership.

Iran-Saudi talks after nearly five years, expect positive results.

Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia held direct talks for the first time years later. After about 5 years of talks between senior officials of the world’s two regional enemy countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

It is being told that this meeting in Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, is about to improve the bad relations between the two countries again. Had a conversation with him.

Let us tell you that these two very important countries of West Asia broke their diplomatic relations about 5 years ago. The road was paved for this dialogue by the Prime Minister of Iraq.

Talks were kept confidential.

Both countries are rapidly normalizing relations. Now playing a mediating role, Iraq has said that the first round of talks has been held, but the results cannot be rushed.

The first round of talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been held this month due to the efforts of the Prime Minister of Iraq in Baghdad. The talks were kept completely confidential.

Later, after reports in the media, Iraq has now said that the first round of talks has been positive. US President Joe Biden wants to ease the path to a nuclear deal by opening the doors of negotiations in the region.

Simultaneously, Saudi Arabia has also started efforts to end the conflict situations in Yemen amid political changes in the region.

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