Chitrakoot Lit Up With 11 Lakh Lamps On The Birth Anniversary Of Lord Ram

Chitrakoot lit up with 11 lakh lamps on the birth anniversary of Lord Ram.

Ram Navami was celebrated with pomp in Chitrakoot, the abode of Lord Shri Ram. In the religious city of Chitrakoot, the festival of Ram Navami was celebrated as Chitrakoot Pride Day.

On this occasion, the entire pilgrimage area was illuminated with about 11 lakh lamps in the evening. People celebrated the birth of Lord Rama by lighting lamps in their homes too.

District Magistrate Abhishek Anand inspected the occasion and reviewed the preparations.

On Ram Navami, five lakh lamps were lit at places like Ramghat, Parikrama Marg, Bharatkoop, Ram Shaiya, etc. in the pilgrimage area and six lakh lamps were lit in the Madhya Pradesh area.

Let us inform you that the district administration was engaged in the preparation of this event for many days.

After reviewing the preparations, the District Magistrate directed the officers to motivate the people towards this. He also requested the people to light 11 lamps.

11 lakh lamps were lit on the day of Ram Navami in Chitrakoot.

A target was given to light 62 thousand lamps in Math temples and akharas, 27,300 in Dharamshalas and ashrams, 48,300 in hotels and lodges, 31,500 for councilors-social workers, 12,600 for social organizations, and 40,000 for traders.

When the lamp was lit at a fixed time in the evening, the entire pilgrimage area lit up.

Before this, District Magistrate Abhishek Anand took stock of the arrangements for the Deepotsav program by conducting a surprise inspection of Ramghat and Parikrama Marg on Thursday.


A crowd of devotees gathered in Raghuveer Mandir.

The festival of Ram Navami was celebrated with pomp and gaiety in Sadgurudev Ranchoddas Maharaj’s ashram.

On this occasion, there was an influx of visitors to the temple since morning. In the morning the recitation of Shri Ramcharitmanas was completed.

Congratulatory songs were sung on the temple premises. Holi of flowers was played.

At exactly 12 noon the doors of the temple were opened by the priest amidst the sounds of conch shells, bells and gongs, drums, and chanting of Vedas, and Lord Shriram was born.

Everybody sang Bhaye Prakat Kripala Deen Dayala. Congratulated each other on the birth of Ram.

The procession is taken out in the Tulsi shrine.

On the premises of Tulsi Janmakutir Manas Temple in Rajapur, the Yagya ritual, worship program was performed with Veda mantras. A procession of Lord Rama was taken out on this occasion.

The procession from Tulsi Janmakutir to Sabzi Mandi, Tulsi Smarak Road, Tulsi Chowk reached Hanuman Mandir, where formal worship was performed.

Sunil Mishra offered prayers before the procession. The tableaux included in this were the center of attraction.

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