Subrahmanyam Swamy’s Allegation – Poison Given To Sushant

Subrahmanyam Swamy’s allegation – poison given to Sushant, also questioned postmortem. BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Subrahmanyam Swamy made sensational allegations in the Sushant Death Case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. He tweeted that Sushant was poisoned before his death and that the postmortem was deliberately delayed so that the poison in his stomach dissolves.

At the same time, Vikas Singh, an advocate of the Sushant family, has also questioned the postmortem report, saying that nothing is found in Sushant’s stomach in it. Swamy has said in the tweet, that the evil mindset of the killer and his accessibility is now slowly coming to the fore. Sushant’s postmortem was deliberately delayed so that the poison in his stomach dissolves and he is not identified. The time has come for the people responsible for this to be caught.

Earlier, Swami had also said that the CBI should take Sushant’s female friend Riya Chakraborty into custody and question him. Sushant family lawyer Vikas Singh also said that postmortem could be delayed in the Corona era. But they believe that if you live for several hours after eating something, then it mixes in the blood.

But in this case, death has happened in a few hours, then what you ate cannot go in the blood. In this case, the delay in postmortem does not have much effect. Still, it is surprising to be told in the postmortem report that nothing was found in Sushant’s stomach. For this reason, he is not at all satisfied with this postmortem report.

Sushant’s friend and domestic helpers again questioned

On the other hand, CBI again called Sushant’s friend and flatmate Siddharth Pithani, cook Neeraj Singh and domestic help Deepesh Sawant for questioning on Tuesday. All three had reached the DRDO guest house in the Santa Cruz area of ​​Mumbai in the morning. CBI officials are staying here.

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