Three-Storey Commercial Metro Stations To Be Built In UP

Three-storey commercial metro stations to be built in these 2 cities of UP, read here. Noida Metro Rail Corporation has changed the design of metro stations on its 3 new proposed routes. Now the metro station will be constructed with a Three-storey commercial complex. After this change, Noida will be the first city in the country to have 4-story metro stations.

One floor commercial use elevated metro station is being constructed by NMRC and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in Delhi-NCR. The metro stations currently built-in Noida and Greater Noida are 140 meters long and 30 meters wide. The NMRC management has not made any changes in the length and width of the station, only by amending the design to increase the height to two floors. This amendment has been approved in the Detail Project Report (DPR).

Decision taken to increase revenue

Currently, NMRC’s Aqua line is running at a loss. There is considerable need for revenue but there may not be much commercial activity at the station, as there is a huge shortage of commercial space. In such a situation, NMRC will increase revenue by building two floors of commercial space above the metro station.

Four metro plans to make 17 metro stations in Noida

The Aqua line is to be expanded by NMRC. For this, 9 metro stations have to be prepared from Sector-51 metro station towards Greater Noida Extension. Five stations are proposed in the first phase. Apart from this, two metro stations from Greater Noida Metro Depot Station to Bodaki, construction of six metro stations to connect the Sector-142 Aqua Line Metro to Botanical Garden Station are included.

Security personnel will also increase with parking space

Three-storey commercial metro stations with more commercial space, the number of merchants will increase significantly, as well as the number of buyers will also increase. Given this, more parking will be required. This will also increase employment prospects. The number of security personnel will also increase at the metro station for security.

This activity will be organized

Soft drink corner
Coffee House
general store
Gift corner
Exhibition space
Food court
Office space
Proposed Metro Route

Botanical Garden Metro Route 11 Kms 06 From Sector-142, Knowledge Park-5 from Sector-51, 15 km 09, Greater Noida Metro Depot to Bodaki 03 km 02. Ritu Maheshwari (Managing Director, Noida Metro Rail Corporation) says that as commercial space is being increased, the floors of the metro station will be increased. It has been approved. The scheme will be implemented on the new route. The Aqua Line Metro running between Noida-Greater Noida has been closed for more than 5 months, but it is expected that it will start operations again from September 1 with some conditions.

12-storey metro station to be built in Delhi

Please tell that the building of the metro station going to be built in the dense area of ​​Old Delhi, Nabi Karim will be 12 floors. The building will also have the facility of parking and shopping complex above the metro station. It will also be an interchange of two metro lines, connecting the RK Ashram-Janakpuri Corridor and the Indralok-Indraprastha Corridor. It is targeted to be completed in early 2023. In this, metro will be built in three floors within the ground, shopping complex in three floors above it, while parking will be made in six floors above. In its multi-storey parking lot, 3,000 cars can be parked simultaneously.

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