Russia Fired 30 Missiles At Kyiv, Ukraine Claimed To Have Deployed 15 Missiles

Russia fired 30 missiles at Kyiv, Ukraine claimed to have deployed 15 missiles, and air raid sirens echoed across the country.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine isn’t over. During a war that has been going on for months, Russian forces today launched a swift missile strike against Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

Russia fired 30 consecutive missiles at Kyiv, 15 of which were from Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the US has announced that it is sending 31M A1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. Russia fired several missiles at Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine says it is stockpiling Russian missiles and drones.

Alert issued nationwide.

Today Ukraine has issued an air alert throughout the country. Air raid sirens preserve sound throughout the country.

Senior Ukrainian officials said air defense units were shooting down incoming Russian missiles.

Ukrainian Governor Vitaliy Kim said in a Telegram messenger that Russian missiles had been sighted in the Mykolaiv region. But Ukraine also claimed its military shot down several Russian missiles.

People have been ordered to evacuate to a secure place.

Ukraine’s governor-general reported several Russian missile sightings in the northwest Mykolaiv region. Authorities urged people to flee to a safe place.

Presidential Chief of Staff Andrei Yemak said a Russian missile had been shot down.

Russia launched missile and drone attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure in October. This has resulted in massive power outages and other winter power outages in Ukraine.

Ukraine claims a cluster of 24 Russian drones.

DTEK is the largest private electricity producer in Ukraine.

He also said that emergency power supplies to the capital Kyiv and neighboring areas, Odesa and Dnepropetrovsk regions are being cut off due to the threat of rocket launches.

The military said its air defense system shot down all 24 drones sent by Russia. 15 drones were shot down near Kyiv, but no damage was reported.

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