Royal Challengers Bangalore Won Against MI

Royal Challengers Bangalore won Against MI. Unfortunate Mumbai Indians, this happened to Rohit Sharma for the 9th consecutive year.

The defending champions of the Indian Premier League, Mumbai Indians, lost in the first match of the 14th season. This is the 9th consecutive year the Mumbai team has started with a loss.

Royal Challengers Bangalore won the last ball and started with the victory. Mumbai had scored 159 runs for 9 wickets, which was achieved by Bengaluru losing 8 wickets.

The Mumbai team’s start in the IPL with a defeat is not taking the name of the end. Once again the team has to start the tournament by losing the first match.

After losing the toss, Chris Lynn scored 49 runs for Mumbai and Ishan Kishan scored 28 runs for Mumbai. Apart from this, no batting played a big inning. Bengaluru bowler Harshal took 5 wickets for 27 runs.

In 2013, when the team won the title for the first time, they lost the first match of the tournament. Since then, this team has not been able to start any season with a win.

The team lost against RCB in 2013, followed by Kolkata in the first match of the tournament the following year. In 2015, the team of Mumbai was once again defeated by the Kolkata team in the first match.

The following year, the team lost to Pune in two years 2016 and 2-17 in the first match of the season with Pune.

In 2018, the Chennai team defeated in the opening match, then in 2019, the team lost the first match against Delhi Capitals. Last year, the Chennai team beat Mumbai

In the last 9 years, the team has lost the first match but has captured the trophy 5 times.

In 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and then 2020, the Mumbai team became IPL champion. Mumbai is the only team in IPL to win this trophy five times.

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