Road Network Is Growing Rapidly In India: 50,000 KM of National Highway Constructed In 9 Years

Road network is growing rapidly in India, about fifty thousand KM of National Highway was constructed in 9 years.

Prime Minister Modi has focused on developing and strengthening infrastructure to boost the economy.

Thanks to this initiative, 50,000 km of national roads were built across the country during the 9 years of Prime Minister Modi’s reign.

In 2014-2015 India had a total of 97,830 km of national roads and by March 2023 this figure had increased to 145,155 km.

For economic development Road transport is very important.

According to official data, out of 12.1 km of roads per day in 2014-2015, 28.6 km of roads per day will be built in 2021-2022. Roads and highways play an important role in the national economy.

Road transport is the foundation not only for economic development but also for social development, the defense industry, and access to basic life. India’s road network is 63.73 lakh km.

According to the report, approximately 85% of passengers and 70% of cargo are transported by road each year, which shows its importance.

India has the 2nd largest road network in the world and has about 63.73 lakh km of the road network.

National highways play a very important role in a country’s economic and social development by facilitating the efficient movement of goods and passengers, connecting people, and stimulating economic activity.

Many attempts over 9 years of NH Construction.

The Government of India has implemented several initiatives to increase the capacity of the country’s highway infrastructure over the past nine years.

As can be seen from the data, the construction rate in the northern hemisphere was about 12 km/day in 2014-2015 and increased to about 29 km/day in 2021-2022.

Construction of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is going on at a fast pace.

As part of Bharatmala Pariyojana, India’s longest highway, the 1,386 km Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, is under construction at breakneck speed.

At the same time, in February, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the Delhi-Dausa-Lalsot section of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway to the nation.

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