Reliance Jio Set To Unveil Affordable Cloud Laptop, Price Below Rs 15,000: A Game-Changer In The Indian Tech Market

Reliance Jio Set to Unveil Affordable Cloud Laptop, Price Below Rs 15,000: A Game-Changer in the Indian Tech Market.

Discover the latest innovation from Reliance Jio – an upcoming cloud laptop priced under Rs 15,000.

Dive into the details of JioBook’s successor, powered by Jio Cloud, promising better affordability and performance. Stay ahead in the tech game with this budget-friendly offering.

After JioBook, Reliance Jio is preparing to launch an affordable cloud laptop, a price of up to Rs 15000.

Reliance Jio is included in the list of top telecom companies in India.

The company started entering the world of gadgets some time ago and has launched affordable laptop after smartphones. We know it as Jiobook.

Company owner Mukesh Ambani had launched this second laptop at a price of less than Rs 17000, which is quite affordable.

At present, information has come out in the new report that the company can launch a new cloud laptop, whose price can be up to Rs 15000.

Will be cheaper than the old model.

It has come to light in media reports that this new cloud laptop is being prepared to give Indians a better and more affordable option.

JioCloud functionality will be used in this device so that the cost of the old device can be reduced.

This new laptop will require some high-end hardware, which is used for operation in the older models.

Let us tell you that it can work with low latency by relying on a stable internet connection, using the power of cloud computing.

For this, Jio Cloud will work as the primary service provider, which will provide both storage and processing power on its servers.

Why will the price be reduced?

According to a Jio representative, a laptop’s cost is determined by its hardware, which includes its chipset, RAM, and processing capacity.

These devices are more expensive and require more battery power due to their bigger capacity.

All of this, along with its full processing, is being eliminated in this scenario. The laptop will be located in Jio Cloud’s back end.

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