Ramlala Pran Pratishtha: Unveiling The Mystery – Why Lord Shri Ram’s Eyes Are Bandaged Before Consecration On January 22nd

Ramlala Pran Pratishtha: Unveiling the Mystery – Why Lord Shri Ram’s Eyes are Bandaged Before Consecration on January 22nd.

Ramlala Pran Pratishtha: Discover the sacred ritual behind Lord Shri Ram’s eye bandaging before consecration on January 22nd in Ayodhya’s Ram temple.

Explore the religious significance, devotees’ emotions, and the mystical power revealed during the unveiling. Join the pilgrimage and witness the divine journey from January 17.

Ramlala Pran Pratishtha: Know why Lord Shri Ram’s eyes will be bandaged before consecration?

For India, January 22nd is a very lucky day. On this day, the statue of Maryada Purushottam Lord Shri Ram will be consecrated in the Ram temple located in Ayodhya.

Rituals are being performed a week in advance for the consecration of life. In this sequence, the statue of Lord Shri Ram will be unveiled on January 17, five days before the consecration.

This means that Ram devotees will be able to have darshan of Lord Shri Ram from January 17. A pilgrimage has also been organized for this.

During this period, Lord Shri Ram’s eyes will be blindfolded. At the same time, the blindfold will be removed only after the consecration is over.

But do you know why the idol’s eyes are blindfolded before consecration? Come, let us know everything about it-

Ramlala Pran Pratishtha: Religious Significance.

According to eminent pundits, the feelings of having the darshan of a devotee are different. After consecration, one should first have a darshan of God’s feet.

One should remember God at this time. Also mantra should be chanted. After this, the image (statue) of the Lord should be seen.

While visiting the idol, the devotees look into the eyes of the Lord and express their feelings. Lord also becomes subjugated according to the feelings of the devotee.

It is implied in the scriptures that after knowing the feelings of the devotee, the Lord goes with him.

Therefore, before consecration, Lord Shri Ram’s eyes will be blindfolded. The blindfold will be removed after the consecration on January 22.

Mystery Of Glass Breaking.

It is implied in the scriptures that at the time of the consecration of the idol, a beam of light in the form of Shakti enters the idol. This luminous power comes out as soon as the eyes are opened.

It has immense power. According to the religious scriptures, when the Lord (Gods and Goddesses) opens his eyes after the consecration of life, a bright light comes out.

At this time the Lord is shown a mirror. The radiant energy emanating from the revered statue hits the mirror. It is because of this immense power that glass breaks.

It is very rare to cover this radiant power. Therefore, at the time of opening the eyes, a mirror is shown to the Gods and Goddesses.

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