Ram Mandir: Kokje’s Retort On Munavar Rana’s Statement

Ram Mandir: Kokje’s retort on Munavar Rana’s statement, said – do not necessarily speak on every issue. The statement of poet Munawar Rana, who expressed displeasure over the court’s decision to build the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

His statement has been overturned by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) president and former judge VS Kokje (Vishnu Sadashiv Kokje).

On Thursday, he said that Rana is not a party to the Ayodhya case. If he keeps writing four lines of poetry, it is not necessary that they should speak on every issue of the country.

In a discussion with a leading media agency, Kokje said that we are committed to building Ram temple. Bhoomi pujan has also been done.

Temple construction will also be done within the stipulated time. The Supreme Court has also given land for the construction of the mosque. Poet Rana is now advising the hospital there.

If they want to build the mosque elsewhere, then tell this to the court. The decision given by the court has been accepted by all the parties.

Kokje said that it has also been proved in the court that the mosque was later built on Shri Ram’s birthplace. Muslim rulers did this in many places, it is recorded in history.

Now a temple is being built on the birthplace, so Rana should not have objections in it. Kokje said that the faith of crores of people is associated with the construction of Ram Mandir. People are voluntarily giving funds to the Trust for temple construction.

It is noteworthy that last day poet Munawwar Rana wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that a hospital should be built in the name of King Dasaratha on the land given for construction of the mosque in Ayodhya.

The construction of the mosque does not take place on land acquired or taken. Rana also proposed to build Babri Masjid on his land in Rae Bareli.

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