Former Foreign Minister SM Krishna Praised PM Modi

Former Foreign Minister praised PM Modi – said – will become prime minister again in 2024. Former Foreign Minister SM Krishna said that the country’s political parties lack internal democracy.

We have to be free from the fear of criticism from the top leadership in power. He praised the functioning of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP in this matter.

He said that Congress has an important role to play amidst the electoral challenges given under the leadership of BJP President JP Nadda. It can form new political alliances, especially by gathering regional political parties.

Krishna said that after joining the Congress for 45 years, I joined the BJP three years ago. He hoped that Modi would again become Prime Minister after the 2024 parliamentary election.

In an interview given on Thursday, SM Krishna said that all political parties are struggling with lack of internal democracy. All parties should make such a system that democracy can be strengthened.

Gandhiji and Netaji while referring to the era of Subhash Chandra Bose said that the internal democracy which was there at that time can be learned from it.

The older generation needs to make room for the young

On the internal political turmoil of the Congress in Rajasthan, it was said that this is due to the deep-rooted unease in that party. He said that this is happening due to the youth not being able to express their opinion in the party and failing to make a place for themselves.

The older generation needs to make room for the youth, but they must remain in the party to lead the younger generation. Political parties that do not change themselves over time, they gradually decline.

Good decision to come to BJP

When asked about his experience of working with the BJP, Krishna said that the experience here has been very good. I am happy. I feel that I have made a good decision by coming to BJP. PM Modi’s work has made all of us proud.

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