Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Have A Virtual Dialogue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi to have a virtual dialogue with representatives of 67 countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the World Solar Technology Congress organized by the International Solar Alliance. A virtual event will be held on September 8. With the inauguration, Prime Minister Modi will interact with representatives of 67 countries of the world. Representatives will range from ministers of many countries to the chairman and CEO of various companies. The country’s famous industrialist Ratan Tata will also participate in the special appearance.

It is worth mentioning that the International Solar Alliance came into existence with special efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Paris Conference on 30 November 2015, with a view to promoting solar energy all over the world. So far 67 countries of the world have become members. However, 87 countries have agreed to become members. Now, for the first time, the World Solar Technology Congress is being organized keeping this in mind.

In this, representatives of all the countries will not only give suggestions about what can be done better in the field of solar energy, but will give detailed information about the efforts that have been made in their country so far. The officials of the companies will give information about how they can promote solar energy, how they can make solar energy related equipment available at a cheaper rate.

Modi will also communicate with Nobel winners

Those who have received the Nobel Prize in the field of science at the World Solar Technology Congress have also been invited. Also, pilots operating solar-based airplanes will participate. After talking to everyone, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take suggestions about what can be done in the field of solar energy. Preparations have been intensified by the International Solar Alliance (ISA) for the preparation of the program.

The program will run from 4 pm to 9 pm. ISA Director General Upendra Tripathi says that the World Solar Technology Congress is being organized for the first time. Not only 67 countries but all the countries of the world can participate. There are 67 member countries, they will participate. The work of giving information to all countries has been expedited.

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