Physician Participation In Villupuram On Nationwide Protest Of IMA

Physician participation in Villupuram in the nationwide protest of the Indian Medical Association.

The protest was conducted in the form of a candle march in the memory of Dr. Archana Sharma, who worked as a doctor in Rajasthan and committed suicide.

Dr. Archana Sharma hails from Dausa, Rajasthan. While Archana was a gynecologist, a woman came to the hospital for delivery. While treating her, the woman is said to have died due to excessive bleeding.

Relatives, outraged by the woman’s death, blamed the mistreatment on the pregnant woman’s death and demanded the doctor’s arrest.

Following this, the police filed a case against the doctor. Archana Sharma committed suicide due to the resulting depression.

A nationwide protest is underway today by IMA, claiming that the doctor was not responsible for the death of the pregnant woman and therefore condemning the police for filing a false case.

Physician participation in Villupuram: Accordingly, more than 30 doctors marched from the Villupuram junction to the district collector’s office.

They were carrying banners with Dr. Archana’s photo on them and chanting slogans calling for the arrest of the police officer who had filed a case against her.

Further, the district administration, on the part of the police who filed the case against Archana, demanded that immediate arrest should be made.

The compensation should be paid to the victim’s doctor’s family and federal law should be brought to prevent violence against the doctor.

The protest also called for a change in the provisions of the Indian Penal Code, which criminalizes doctors.

Fraudulent gang arrested for trying to exchange counterfeit banknotes.

Police in the Cuddalore district have arrested a gang of fraudsters who tried to exchange counterfeit currency notes in a modern way.

Police were on patrol on Wednesday night in the Vadalur black hole area of ​​Cuddalore district. A gang of three people handed over 500 rupee notes to retailers on the road at night and asked the retailer.

The suspects were interrogated by the police who confirmed that they were in possession of counterfeit notes. Vadalur police took the three to the police station and started an investigation.

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