Philippine President Praises Putin For Covid-19 Vaccine

Philippine President concurs on the trial of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, praises Putin. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has agreed to the trial of Russia’s controversial Coronavirus vaccine.

His spokesman said on Wednesday that the Philippines would be the ‘guinea pig’ for Russia’s coronavirus vaccine. South Asian countries are the front runners for the trial of this vaccine.

Moscow claims that it has created the world’s first vaccine to get rid of the coronavirus. This vaccine will increase people’s immunity. 2000 people have been roped in to test its final stage.

However, scientists from Western countries had earlier expressed concern over the rapid development of this Russian vaccine and said that some research may have been abandoned.

But in spite of all this, Manila accepted and agreed to Russia’s offer regarding the clinical trial, vaccine supply, and drug production. Philippines health officials have said that on Wednesday they will meet the Russian drug developer of Gamalaya.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the drug was safe and that one of his daughters had been given a dose of vaccine. Russia has named this vaccine Sputnik V.

President Durte has expressed deep confidence in Russian efforts to prevent the infection. Praising Putin, Durte said, “The vaccine you created is really for humanity.” He told on Monday, “I will be the first person to use it.”

Duterte’s spokesman Harry Rock said the president, famous for his controversial statements, was not joking. They are elderly and can sacrifice their lives for the people of the country.

The government’s technical working group met with officials of the Gamaleya research institute in Moscow and discussed the protocol and scope of clinical trials in the Philippines.

There are more than 1 lakh 43 thousand infection cases in the country, which is the highest in South East after Indonesia. In 2016, the first country to use the dengue vaccine Dengvaxia was the Philippines, but it was claimed that dozens of children died after being vaccinated.

Durte banned the drug last year after more protests in the country. However, no evidence of this vaccine was found to be incorrect. The World Health Organization has licensed 20 countries for the dengue vaccine.

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