Pakistan Mosque Blast: Taliban Taught Pakistan A Lesson In Terrorism, Saying Don’t Blame Others

Pakistan mosque blast: Taliban taught Pakistan a lesson in terrorism, saying don’t blame others.

Pakistan has repeatedly blamed Afghanistan for the Peshawar mosque explosion. The Taliban then criticized the Pakistani government on Wednesday.

The Taliban’s acting foreign minister, Aamir Mutaki, has called on Pakistan to investigate the Peshawar attack instead of blaming neighboring Afghanistan for the terrorist massacre.

The Taliban said: “Don’t blame others for your failures.

Pakistan mosque blast: The suicide bombing took place on January 30.

On January 30, a suicide bombing at a mosque in the police line area of ​​Peshawar in Pakistan claimed the lives of about 101 people, mostly policemen.

Muttaki called on Pakistan to investigate the Peshawar attack instead of blaming Kabul, arguing that Afghanistan is not a safe haven for terrorists.

“If Afghanistan will become the epicenter of terrorism, it’s going to visit China, Central Asia, and Iran,” he said.

“We should keep away from sowing seeds of hatred.”

Muttaki told a rally in the capital, Kabul, that Pakistani officials should find solutions to their security concerns at the local level and avoid sowing the seeds of enmity between the two countries.

According to one report, Pakistani officials immediately blamed the outlawed Pakistani Taliban for the suicide bombing.

Muttaki echoed the doubts and questions raised by critics in Pakistan after the massive destruction caused by the explosion and said:

“TTP, a US-supported global terrorist group, has carried out the Killer terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan for a long time are blamed for it.

Police protest in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Moazzam provincial police chief Jah Ansari told the media on Tuesday that a suicide bomber entered the mosque as a guest, carrying up to 12 kilograms of explosives.

These were first brought to the site in pieces. The TTP has claimed responsibility for most of the recent attacks in Pakistan, raising tensions between the two countries.

Meanwhile, the desperate Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police were forced to protest for their rights. Mohsin Dawar, Member of Parliament for North Waziristan, NA-48, tweeted:

“This is an example of people completely losing faith in the state. People are being unnecessarily killed in the establishment’s doubles game and this has to stop. Nobody did.”

In protest, police officer Khyber Pakhtunkhwa waved a slogan: “We know all strangers” outside the Peshawar Press Club.

Videos shared on social media show groups of police waving slogans against the rising militants. This is the first time in history that the state police have demonstrated against terrorism.

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