Pakistan Army Can Take Action Against Imran Under The Most Dangerous Law

Pakistan Army can take action against Imran under the most dangerous law, former PM can be sentenced to death.

A civil war-like situation has been prevailing in Pakistan for the last several days. Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested on May 9 in a corruption case.

Since then his party leaders have been on the streets and protesting violently calling Imran Khan’s arrest “illegal” and “unlawful”. This violence has been going on for several days.

Now Pak army is in the mood to take strict action against the PTI chief and PTI supporters.

According to sources, Pak Army can use Army Act and Official Secrets Act to surround Imran Khan. These provisions provide for punishment up to the death penalty and life imprisonment.

The determination of the Pakistani army against Imran Khan.

The military has now decided not to pardon anyone, including Imran Khan, for what it calls heinous crimes against military installations.

He added that the perpetrators will be brought to justice in trials under “relevant Pakistani law”, including the “Pakistan Military Law and the Official Secrets Law”.

Pakistan Army can take action against Imran under the most dangerous law: What is this official and military secrecy act?

Pakistani military law generally applies to active-duty officers who are prosecuted through the organization’s internal system of investigation, trial, and punishment.

If found guilty, an officer will be removed from his position through military courts and humiliating measures.

The Official Secrets Act and its sections deal with treason, espionage, and intelligence gathering, punishable by death.

What could be the punishment for Imran for these acts? According to Pakistani media, Imran Khan will be acted upon under Sections 59 and 60 of the Army Act.

There will be a hearing against him at the Simri Military Court in Pakistan. If proven guilty of this act, Imran could be sentenced to death or life in prison.

There is a provision for the death penalty when convicted under Section 59. This section is used for civil crimes.

Official secret act.

Section 3 of the Official Secrets Act of 1923 provided 14 years for espionage. This law is also dangerous because acting on it does not require much evidence.

As long as the circumstances, in this case, can be proven, or if it is proven that the offender’s conduct is against the state, a penalty can be imposed.


Military Law.

Subsection 1 of Article D of the Military Act makes the law more dangerous.

Under this article, if anyone goes to war with Pakistan, takes up arms, or attacks security forces, he or she will be prosecuted under this subsection.

Obtaining or giving funding from foreign or local sources is a crime under this law and illegal activity. If this happens, the matter will be handled according to this law.

In a way, the Pakistan Army Act gives the Pakistani Army the right to do whatever it wants. It was used against many Indians.

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