Natural Disasters Killed More Than 1 lakh People In India, WMO Released Data

Natural disasters killed more than 1 lakh people in India, WMO released data from the last 50 years.

Due to extreme heat, climate, and water-related incidents, more than 1 lakh 38 thousand people lost their lives in India in the last 50 years.

Between 1970 and 2021, weather, climate, and water-related events caused 573 disasters in India, killing 1,38,377 people, according to data from the World Meteorological Department, a specialized agency of the United Nations.

Natural disasters killed more than 1 lakh people in India: More than 2 million people died globally.

Globally, due to 11 thousand 778 disasters, more than 2 million people died during this period. These disasters caused an economic loss of US$4.3 trillion.

More than 90 percent of the deaths reported worldwide have occurred in developing countries.

Quadrennial World Metrological Congress begins in Geneva.

The quadrennial World Metrological Congress began on Monday in Geneva, Switzerland. It called for accelerating action to ensure early warning services to all people on Earth by the end of 2027.

1,38, 377 people died in India between 1970 and 2021.

Due to 281 incidents in Bangladesh, a maximum of 5 lakh 20 thousand 758 people have died in Asia. In India, 573 disasters killed 1 lakh 38 thousand 377 people between 1970 and 2021.

Due to the 1839 disasters in Africa, seven lakh 33 thousand 585 people died and there was an economic loss of 43 billion US dollars.

95 percent of these deaths are due to drought. According to the India Meteorological Department, 2,227 people died in India in 2022 due to weather events.

Bachendri Pal’s family did not want him to become a mountaineer, this was the journey of the first Indian woman to climb Everest.

Bachendri Pal, the country’s first and the world’s fifth Indian woman to conquer Everest, gave a befitting reply to the conservative people who do not understand women as anything and inspired thousands of women for sports and adventure.

People in every house started saying that our daughter will also become like Bachendri Pal.

Climbed 13000 feet during the school picnic itself.

Bachendri Pal was born on 24 May 1954 in Nakuri village of Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Pal was the first woman in her village to graduate.

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