Nagpur Is An Equally Beautiful City, Be Certain To Go To This Well-known Place

Nagpur is an equally beautiful city, Be certain to go to this well-known place.

Famous Nagpur Tourist Destinations: As soon as the name Maharashtra is mentioned, the capital, Mumbai, comes to mind first.

By the way, Maharashtra has many nice cities like Mumbai and Pune. But did you know that the beauty of Maharashtra’s famous city, Nagpur, is second to none?

In such circumstances, while visiting Maharashtra, you can make your trip memorable by visiting some places in Nagpur.

Nagpur is referred to as the wintry weather capital of Maharashtra. At the same time, Nagpur, the third largest city in the country, has many wonderful places to visit.

In these circumstances, it is best to plan a trip to Nagpur, especially in winter. So let’s take a look at the special places you must visit in Nagpur.

Dikshabhumi Stupa.

Located in Nagpur, the Dikshabhumi Stupa is considered one of the finest Buddhist monuments. This 120-foot tall sandstone, white marble, and granite stupa is the largest stupa in Asia.

Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar converted to Buddhism here. The Dikshabhumi stupa was then built. At the same time, a beautiful Buddha statue was also installed on the stupa.


Ramtek Fort.

Located near the main city of Nagpur, Ramtek Fort is in the middle of a hill. It is said that Lord Rama rested here for some time during his exile.

Because Lord Rama is worshiped at Ramtek. At the same time, Ramtek Fort is considered the best picnic spot in Nagpur.

Yonggungsa Temple.

Located 20 km from the city of Nagpur, the Dragon Palace Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the country.

Famous for enshrining Buddha, this temple was built in 1999 by the Ogawa Society of Japan.

At the same time, there is a majestic Buddha statue made of sandalwood inside the temple. Also, the beautiful garden outside the temple attracts many tourists.

Akshardham Temple.

Located on Nagpur’s ring road, Akshardham Temple is also the first choice of tourists visiting the place. The construction of this temple is very recent.

At the same time, this majestic building temple also has cuisine, restaurants, parking lots, and parks.

Especially in the evening, the appearance of the temple complex illuminated by lights adds to the beauty of Akshardham.

Lata Mangeshkar Musical Garden.

During your tour of Nagpur, you can also visit the Lata Mangeshkar Museum. Located approximately 7.5 km from the city of Nagpur, this garden can be an ideal place for music lovers.

You can sit in the middle of the garden with lights and beautiful fountains and watch a musical show.

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