More Than One And A Half Lakh Corona Cases Reported In India

More than one and a half lakh corona cases reported in India today, Omicron also accelerated, see how many cases.

The havoc of Corona in the country is increasing day by day. In the last 24 hours, 1,59,632 new cases of corona have been reported.

According to the Union Health Ministry, 40,863 corona patients have been cured in India in the last 24 hours and 327 people have died.

With this, the positivity rate in the country has also come down to 10.21 percent. Now the total number of active cases of the corona has increased to 5,90,611.

Talking about those recovering from Corona, this figure has reached 3,44,53,603. The total deaths across the country now stand at 4,83,790.

In the midst of increasing cases of the corona, the government has also increased the speed of vaccination, which is considered to be the only weapon of the corona.

The total number of vaccination doses in the country has reached 151.58 crores.

More than one and a half lakh corona cases reported today: Omicron has spread its footprint in 27 states.

The speed of the new variant of corona in India, Omicron, can be gauged from the fact that the presence of this dangerous virus has been registered in 27 states and union territories.

In view of the threat of Omicron, the central government has asked the states to take prompt measures.

Various state governments have imposed strict restrictions including night curfew, weekend curfew, running of offices with half capacity, and closure of schools and colleges.

A total of 3,623 cases of Omicron were reported.

The cases of the new variant of Corona, Omicron, are also increasing continuously across the country. A total of 3,623 cases of Omicron have been reported in 27 states and union territories of the country.

Of these, 1409 patients have been cured. The biggest impact of this new variant is being seen in Maharashtra.

There have been a total of 1,009 cases, out of which 439 people have recovered and gone back. Apart from this, 57 out of 513 patients in the capital Delhi have recovered and gone back.

Talking about the rest of the states, 26 out of 441 in Karnataka, 208 out of 373 in Rajasthan, 93 out of 333 in Kerala, 160 out of 204 in Gujarat, 47 out of 123 in Telangana, 185 in Tamil Nadu.

123 in Haryana 92 out of 60 in Odisha, 6 out of 113 in Uttar Pradesh, 9 out of 28 in Andhra Pradesh, 10 out of 27 in West Bengal, all 19 patients in Goa, all 9 patients in Assam.

All 9 patients in Madhya Pradesh, 5 out of 8 patients in Uttarakhand, 3 out of 4 in Meghalaya, 0 out of 3 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 3 out of Chandigarh, all 3 in J&K, 2 out of 2 in Puducherry.

16 out of 27 in Punjab, In Chhattisgarh, 0 out of 1 patient, in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, and Manipur also 1 out of 1 patients have returned home after recovering.

More than one and a half lakh corona cases reported: These were the figures last day

Till the morning of Saturday, January 8, 1,41,986 new cases of coronavirus were reported in India and the positivity rate had also increased by 9.28 percent.

During this, 40,895 corona patients were cured and 285 people died.

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