Mohammad Rafi & Jafar Hussain Were Involved In Assassinations

Mohammad Rafi & Jafar Hussain have been involved in assassinations. These terrorists of Kishtwar were the conspirators of the assassination of RSS-BJP leaders.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration has also shown the way out by removing the mask from those faces, who even though used to take the salary of the government, but were helping terrorists.

These people not only met the terrorists and conspired to disturb the peace and tranquility of Kishtwar and were directly involved in the killing of BJP and RSS leaders.

Constable Jafar Hussain Butt, a resident of Hunjla in Kishtwar, continued to provide all possible help to the terrorists in khaki uniform.

On the other hand, Junior Assistant in the Road and Building Construction Wing of the Public Works Department Mohammad Rafi.

Mohammad Rafi Butt, a resident of Pochhal of Kishtwar, was involved in the conspiracy to prepare a network of Hizbul in Kishtwar and Doda.

The list of their dark exploits is even longer. Both of them were directly involved in the killing of RSS and BJP leaders.

Police constable Jafar Hussain was caught about two years ago.

On March 8, 2019, terrorists stormed the bodyguard’s room of the District Magistrate of Kishtwar and robbed him of an assault rifle, three magazines, and 90 cartridges.

Jafar had helped the terrorists in this robbery. He had provided his car to Hizbul terrorists Osama bin Javed alias Asoma, Haroon Abbas Wani alias Harun and Zahid Hussain.

Similarly, Junior Engineer Mohammad Rafi Butt was also a participant in the conspiracy to assassinate RSS leader Chandrakant Sharma.

Apart from the safe havens for the terrorists, he also arranged for their safe movement and weapons.

Before the killing of Chandrakant Sharma and his bodyguard, three Hizb terrorists Osama bin Javed, Haroon Abbas Wani, and Zahid Hussain had conducted a recce of the entire area.

Rafi Butt helped them. He was engaged in carrying forward the terrorist conspiracy to create terror in a particular section in Doda and Kishtwar and force them to flee from there.

Railway Police Busy, Drug Smugglers Mast; Allegations of collusion with drug smugglers

As part of the campaign being run by the Jammu Police against drug smugglers, due to the strictness of the police on Lakhanpur Jammu National Highway, drug smugglers have changed their strategy.

Drug smugglers are now transporting drug consignments from outside states to Jammu via rail route.

Knowing this strategy of drug smugglers, Trikuta Nagar Police has increased strictness in the outer of Jammu railway station.

The results of which are starting to appear. For the last three days, the police are continuously arresting people on the charge of smuggling ganja.

The surprising thing is that the Railway Police is not even aware that the consignment of drugs is reaching Jammu in trains.

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