MLA Aditi Singh Calls CM Yogi Adityanath Her Political Guru

MLA Aditi Singh calls CM Yogi Adityanath her political guru. Aditi Singh, the young MLA who showed courage to rebel from the Congress in Rae Bareli, considered a Congress stronghold, has called Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as her political guru.

The Congress had filed a petition with the Speaker for the termination of membership of MLA Aditi Singh from the Sadar seat of Rae Bareli, the constituency of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Which he rejected.

Congress suspended MLA Aditi Singh made a big statement in Rae Bareli on Monday. Aditi Singh, MLA from Rae Bareli Sadar is quite popular in the area. She sets up a court almost daily at her residence, listening to people’s problems and tries to solve them.

Even today while solving the problems of the people, he said that the political guru of my politics is CM Yogi Adityanath. Today, because of which I am fighting every battle.

Sadar MLA Aditi Singh came out in favor of the shopkeepers after the district administration issued notice to remove the shopkeepers, who had been in the land for several decades on the Kamala Nehru Trust land at the Civil Line intersection of Rae Bareli, on the court’s order.

With the enthusiasm of supporters, Aditi Singh said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is my political guru and I will take the matter to the notice of Chief Minister Yogi. He said that the Chief Minister has given assurance of conducting an inquiry into the matter.

You people should know that in this government of Yogi Adityanath no one will be oppressed. The administration did not listen to the poor in this case, they did not even get a chance to hear.

She said that my father always fought for the poor, I am walking on his path. During this, he targeted the Kamla Nehru Trust and said that when this shopkeeper has been on the land for many decades, then how did this land become freehold in favor of the trust.

Ever since the formation of the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh, Congress rebel Aditi Singh, daughter of former MLA late Akhilesh Singh of Rae Bareli, has become inclined towards the government.

Opposing many restrictions of Congress, MLA Aditi Singh made a statement in favor of the government against her own party. On the notice of suspension from the Congress on Gandhi Jayanti coming to the special session of the Assembly last year, he said that it was his decision.

She went to the public to be part of this special session. She is the representative of the public, not the property of any party. It is our religion to serve the public.

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