Mizoram Police Crackdown: Rs 6 Crore Worth Of Illegal Liquor & Drugs Seized Ahead Of Lok Sabha Elections

Mizoram Police Crackdown: Rs 6 Crore Worth of Illegal Liquor & Drugs Seized Ahead of Lok Sabha Elections.

Mizoram Police Crackdown: Mizoram Police intensifies efforts against illegal substances, seizing narcotics and illicit liquor valued at over Rs 6 crore.

With Lok Sabha elections looming, this crackdown underscores the state’s commitment to enforcing law and order.

Big action by Mizoram Police before Lok Sabha elections, illegal liquor and drugs worth Rs 6 crore seized. Given the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the code of conduct has been implemented in the entire country.

Meanwhile, Mizoram Police took major action and seized narcotics and illicit liquor worth more than Rs 6 crore.

Mizoram Police had launched a large-scale campaign against illegal liquor and drugs across the state. 94 people have also been arrested in this case.

Mizoram Police Crackdown: Action has been taken since March 16.

In this regard, Mizoram Police CPRO Nehchungnunga said in a press statement that Mizoram Police has been running a campaign against illegal liquor and drugs all the time.

He said that since the announcement of Lok Sabha elections on March 16, 2024, seizures of locally manufactured liquor (LML), illicit liquor and drugs being smuggled into Mizoram from outside have been made, indicating high demand for liquor and drugs in the state.

So much illegal liquor was seized.

Within the framework of the state-wide initiative by the Mizoram Police to curb alcohol and drug consumption, over 4773 liters of locally produced liquor (LML) valued at Rs 500 were collected.

This also includes foreign liquor, whose price ranges between Rs 23 thousand to Rs 49 thousand.

This included 2577 liters of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) worth Rs 23,28,000, 41,23,200, 66 liters of BEDC worth Rs. 636 cans of beer worth Rs 49,500, about 13,340 liters of fermented rice worth Rs 3,18,000 in the local market were seized.

So far so much illegal liquor has been destroyed.

Nehchungnunga said that during the period from March 16, 2024, to April 8, 2024, 46,69,000 bottles of illicit liquor have been destroyed.

In this regard, 51 cases have been registered in police stations and 61 accused persons have been arrested.

Apart from this, the CPRO of Mizoram Police said that during this period, 5,513 kg heroin worth Rs 1,65,39,000, 26,469 kg methamphetamine worth Rs 3,44,09,700, and 23,085 kg ganja worth Rs 1,15,425 were also seized.

During the same period, 25 cases were registered at police stations and 33 accused were arrested in these cases.

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