Massive Protests In Germany Against Corona Pandemic Sanctions

Massive protests in Germany against Corona pandemic sanctions, protesters surround Parliament House. Protesters protested near the Parliament House in Germany against the restrictions of the Corona epidemic. The protesters are opposing face masks and other restrictions. A heavy police force has been imposed on the Parliament to stop the protesters.

Police have blocked the protesters from entering the Parliament complex. The protesters were fiercely shouting slogans against the German government. Meanwhile, Germany’s top security official has condemned the incident. Germany’s Home Minister Horst Seehofer said that the Reichstag building is the site of our Parliament. It is a symbolic center of our liberal democracy.

Protesters threw stones and bottles at police

Massive protests in Germany. The police confirmed on Twitter that many people had thrown stones and bottles at our colleagues in front of Parliament House. Police admitted that some protesters had reached the steps of the Reichstag building, but failed to reach the Parliament House. During this time, protesters also vandalized. German police said the force had to be used to control the protesters. Police claim that around 38,000 people were involved in this rally. Police have detained around 300 protesters.

Protesters wave flags of the German Reich from 1871–1981

Demonstrators are protesting the government-imposed restrictions to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic. People have also opposed wearing face masks. Thousands of people participated in this demonstration. However, one footage of the demonstration shows hundreds of people protesting.

During this period some protesters waved the flags of the German Reich from 1871–1981. In this footage, people are seen running towards the Reichstag building. Some protesters have been seen moving up the steps. Those involved expressed their opposition on many issues. Those involved in the rally opposed the German government as well as the face mask.

Protesters violate physical distance rules

Despite all opposition from the police, the protesters organized a rally at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in the capital Berlin. Police blocked off the main streets of Berlin to block protesters. The police also cautioned the protesters for violating the physical distance rules, but by following these rules, the protesters took out a rally. He reached near the Berlin Parliament House Complex.

Protest against sanctions in Ravi Paris

Meanwhile, another European country, France, has also opposed new measures to stop the corona epidemic. These restrictions were opposed at a rally in eastern Paris on Saturday. Although the police had a keen eye on this rally, it did not intervene. Yellow rally vest protesters were also involved in this rally. Explain that in view of the spread of Coronavirus, it is now compulsory to wear masks in public everywhere in Paris. French authorities have warned that as schools are reopening, the transition is growing rapidly.

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