Massive Demonstrations Against Pakistan In Afghanistan

Massive demonstrations against Pakistan in Afghanistan, anger over cross-border firing. Thousands of people from Afghanistan’s Kandahar and Helmand provinces demonstrated against Pakistan on Thursday.

Thousands of Pashtuns were resenting the firing on innocent people of Pakistani security forces along the Chaman-Spin Boldak border with Pakistan.

The firing was carried out last week by Pakistani forces when the Pashtun population living in the border area went out to shop on the occasion of Eid. The protesters addressed Pakistani security forces as the Punjabi Taliban, who kill and persecute innocent people.

Afghanistan has said that Pakistani forces also opened fire in civilian areas with cannons. The Foreign Ministry has expressed its displeasure over the actions of Pakistani forces. Massive demonstrations against Pakistan were held.

People on both sides in the area have been demanding to open the border for a long time. With this, they will be able to meet their relatives and go shopping in the markets but Pakistani forces do not allow them to do so.

Last week, when Afghan people gathered to cross the border, after a brief rumor, Pakistani security forces opened fire on them. Two dozen people were killed in the firing.

It is worth noting that in recent times, there has been a growing anger against the government’s repressive policies within Pakistan. In the past, people of Pakistan, trapped badly in the vortex of poverty, unemployment and illiteracy, demonstrated on the streets.

A large number of people in the city of Qazi Ahmed, located in the Shaheed Benazir Abad district of Sindh province, protested against state sponsored terrorism and the disappearance of people by the army and intelligence agencies.

The agitators were raising slogans like ‘Stop state-sponsored terrorism, end dictatorship and stop vandalism’ in Sindh province. People were demanding the release of political activists of Sindh province.

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