Maria Sharapova Resigned From Tennis In February 2020

Maria Sharapova resigned from tennis in February 2020 subsequent to breaking onto the scene win as a 17-year-old with a Wimbledon win in 2004. Maria Sharapova opened up on her doping boycott in a Movistar+ narrative, named ‘The Point’.

Be that as it may, Russian tennis star’s doping debate dominated her title prevails upon her profession. She bombed a medication test at the 2016 Australian Open.

Sharapova tried positive for meldonium, an enemy of ischemic medication that was added to the World Enemy of Doping Office (WADA’s) prohibited substances list in January 2016.

Maria Sharapova’s boycott was diminished to 15 months, in the wake of being given a was at first given a two-year suspension, for not being a “purposeful doper”.

Sharapova uncovered subtleties from her profession and suspension in a Movistar+ narrative, named ‘The Point’. “That morning (of Walk 7, 2016) I woke up and felt like I was planning for a game. It is difficult to believe that you need to confront the world and state that you have spoiled everything,” Sharapova said.

“After the question and answer session, I erased every single interpersonal organization from my telephone, to ensure myself, keep mental soundness, and shield myself from suppositions and decisions. I think I have never been worried about what individuals consider me, yet abruptly this occurs and you see that you care what they know.”

“What’s more, that sickened me, it was an extremely unsavory inclination,” Sharapova included. Sharapova expressed gratitude toward her folks for helping her through the suspension time frame.

“My mom disclosed to me that nothing would occur on the off chance that I would never play tennis again. She went through weeks laying down with me so I was went with.

My dad likewise went with me a great deal to ensure nothing turned out badly, that he didn’t begin accusing others,” she said. “You needed to take control and realize that you messed up.”

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