Man Suffocated On Minto Road Was Family’s Sole Bread Earner

Man suffocated on Minto road was most recently seen on top of his lowered vehicle: Relative. The man whose body was discovered skimming on the vigorously waterlogged underpass at Minto Street Extension on Sunday morning was most recently seen roosted on the head of his lowered min-truck and frantically sitting tight for help, his relative said.

Kundan Kumar, 56, came to Delhi before the across the nation lockdown was forced and had wanted to get back in Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand for his elder daughter’s marriage however his family had approached him to hang tight for the COVID-19 pandemic to balance out.

The sole bread worker in the family, which incorporated his older parents, spouse, and two girls, matured 22 years and 12 years, he used to gain Rs 15,000-20,000 every month by shipping merchandise over the city and would send the cash home to his family.

His cousin Pritam Singh said Kumar lived close to a taxi remain in Shankar Market where he left his vehicle. He used to leave for work around 5 am and return by 7 pm.

Singh, who possesses the vehicle Kumar drove, said his cousin was most recently seen by a kid who knew him. The kidlet him know around 8:30 am that Kumar was perched on the top of his lowered Tata Pro stuck under the railway connect at Minto Street.

“At the point when he came back with assistance my sibling was not there. Perhaps he got frightened and couldn’t get away or possibly he slipped. Afterward, his body was recovered from the water,” Singh said.

Delhi police said the truck driver was attempting to move his vehicle through the waterlogged underpass however he stalled out and perhaps man suffocated as no outer injury mark was found on his body.

Waterlogging at the underpass during the stormy season is a repetitive issue and occurrences of vehicles stalling out and individuals being protected have frequently been accounted for.

“I last conversed with him Saturday evening. Around 8.30 am today, I got a call after that I sent a few men to Minto Scaffold where they discovered Kumar’s body was fished out of the water,” Singh said.

“He (Kumar) needed to return home as his senior little girl’s marriage was fixed in November yet was prompted by his family to hold up till the circumstance gets typical,” he said.

He used to work in Delhi for 3-4 months at a stretch and afterward return home for a couple of months. He was doing this for a long time, he included. The body has been moved to a funeral home at Smash Manohar Lohia hospital and it will be given over to police after posthumous.

Following an overwhelming deluge at the beginning of today, some different vehicles were additionally stuck at Minto Extension. Delhi Fire Administration Staff saved the driver and the conductor of a DTC transport and an auto driver from the waterlogged underpass.

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