Lockdown Imposed In Washington DC With Heavy Security

Lockdown imposed in Washington DC, US Capitol Complex on high alert before Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. Newly elected US President Joe Biden and newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris will be sworn in on Wednesday.

Washington DC has been converted into a cantonment in view of the fear of commotion by Trump supporters at this swearing-in ceremony. According to the report of the news agency , the US Capitol complex has been locked. In fact, for the past few days, security agencies have been receiving information that violence may take place before the swearing-in ceremony.

It is believed that the above steps have been taken in view of this. Both entry and exit News agency quoted eyewitnesses as saying that entry and exit of people in the capital complex (US Capitol complex) have been banned due to internal security risks. Due to strong security arrangements and restrictions, people are being forced to take shelter in shelters.

The lockdown announcement comes just a few days before Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. Stirred by a small fire incident Meanwhile, a minor incident of fire broke out in Washington on Monday evening.

The incident occurred on F streets SE Washington DC, southeast of Washington DC. However, the security personnel quickly overcame the fire incident.

Lockdown imposed in Washington DC: At the same time, people were removed due to fire at some distance from the rehearsal of the oath-taking. The news agency quoted the US Secret Service as saying that there was no serious threat from the incident.

More than 25 thousand soldiers deployed According to the news agency , thousands of policemen and employees of security agencies as well as more than 25,000 personnel of the National Guard have been deployed here.

The areas around the US Parliament House, Pennsylvania Avenue, and a large area around the White House have been closed to the general public and eight-foot-high barricades have been erected at these locations.

The entire city is on high alert. Assembly building on high alert The United States Marshal Service has decided to deploy four thousand officers in Washington DC. The Majestic National Mall, where thousands of people are present during the swearing-in ceremony, has been closed.

On the other hand, the state assembly buildings have also been put on high alert. At the same time, security officials are gearing up to prevent the recurrence of a violent mob attack on the US Parliament House on January 6.

Army also took over Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bauzer told NBC News in an interview, ‘The police department is working closely with federal law enforcement partners and the US military. Willing to deal with any attack situation.

The FBI, in its internal bulletin, has feared violence in Washington DC and parliament buildings in all 50 states. Starbucks closed some stores International coffee chain Starbucks has decided to temporarily close some of its outlets in New York City in the wake of the swearing-in violence. On the other hand, the New York Police Department has said that security has been increased at some places in the city as a precaution.

Trump can pardon about 100 people President Trump may waive the sentence of about 100 people on Tuesday, the last day of his term. Those who may be granted clemency include white-collar leaders, high-profile rappers, and others.

Kamala Harris will resign from the Senate Newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris will resign from the Senate on Monday. Affiliates associated with the California Democrat have said that Governor Gavin Newsom is familiar with his decision.

Democrat Alex Padilla will be appointed for the final two years of Harris’s term. Padilla will be the first Latin senator from California, where 40 percent of people live in Hispanic. Harris will not make a farewell speech in the Senate.

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