Kanaka Dasa Jayanti 2023: Celebrating The 524th Birth Anniversary Of The Renowned Poet And Social Reformer

Kanaka Dasa Jayanti 2023: Celebrating the 524th Birth Anniversary of the Renowned Poet and Social Reformer.

Discover the significance of Kanaka Dasa Jayanti 2023, commemorating the 524th birth anniversary of the revered poet and social reformer Kanaka Das.

Explore the celebrations, cultural programs, and the poet’s impactful contributions to society on this special day in Karnataka.

Kanaka Dasa Jayanti 2023: Kanaka Das was a great poet and social reformer. He is known for composing devotional songs.

Today is Kanak Das Jayanti, which is celebrated by the devotees of poet Kanak Das in his memory. This year people are going to celebrate his 524th birth anniversary, which has a very special significance.

This day is celebrated with dedication throughout the Karnataka city. Kanak Das Jayanti will be celebrated on the 18th day of Kartik month i.e. 30th of November today.

Kanaka Dasa Jayanti 2023: Importance of Kanak Das Jayanti.

People celebrate Kanak Das Jayanti in memory of poet and social reformer Kanak Das ji.

This day has great religious significance, as he was one of the most famous devotional poets and was devoted to God from an early age. The poet had dedicated his entire life to God.

He was born into a wealthy Vyas family. Apart from being a poet, he was also a musician, and his kirtans were composed in Carnatic music. He also participated in the Haridas literary movement.

Apart from this, he used his literary works to increase social awareness among the people. He always fought against discrimination and the caste system.

In Ramdhyancharitra he has explained everything in detail about how the caste system works. His kirtans were also written in the Kannada language so that he could reach more and more people.

How is Kanak Das Jayanti celebrated?

Kanaka Das Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the city of Karnataka and many cultural programs are organized in the city in which the teachings and writings of the poet are discussed.

Devotional songs written by him are also sung. Not only this but his contribution to society is also talked about. Apart from this, all the schools and colleges of the city remain closed on this occasion.

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