If You Want To Enjoy Christmas Evening With Friends, Then Make A Plan For MP

If you want to enjoy Christmas evening with friends, then make a plan for Madhya Pradesh: Madhya Pradesh Travel.

Traveling with friends has its own fun. Enjoyment is guaranteed with them no matter what the location.

So if you also want to make the year memorable by going with friends, then what can be a better option than going on a trip?

The occasion is Christmas and New Year when there are holidays in most places and coincidentally this time Christmas is falling on Sunday.

In such a situation, go to someplace where you can spend your holidays comfortably with friends.

If you want to enjoy Christmas evening with friends then Madhya Pradesh is a good destination for this, where you can enjoy everything from adventure to nature.


Khajuraho is the city of temples. The temples here and the sculptures made on them are famous all over the world. But there is much more to see in Khajuraho.

There are two very beautiful waterfalls here, the first Raneh waterfall and the second Pandav waterfall. You can come here with friends and spend a good time. If you live nearby, you can plan a road trip here.


If you and your friends like to be close to nature more than fun, then make a plan for Panchmarhi in Madhya Pradesh.

Panchmarhi is likewise referred to as the queen of Satpura. Panchmarhi is a beautiful hill station surrounded by forests and mountains.

In Panchmarhi you can see Rajat Pratap Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in India.

Apart from this, there are many other places like Pandav Caves, Jata Shankar Cave, and Chauragarh Temple to make the trip memorable.



Bhedaghat is one such beautiful place in Madhya Pradesh. Bhedaghat becomes even more beautiful in the evening. Long rocks all around and the river in the middle.

This view is so lovely that you will not feel like leaving here. You must visit this offbeat destination of Madhya Pradesh once.


Orchha is a small town in Madhya Pradesh but very beautiful. Forts and palaces make this place beautiful.

Apart from this, the Betwa river flowing nearby and the canopies built on its banks add charm to it. There are also dense forests around where you can enjoy a jungle safari.


If you visit Madhya Pradesh and did not see Mandu, then what did you see? This location is ideal for placing out with friends.

Here you can make the trip memorable among the old buildings. Must visit Roopmati Mahal and Jahaz Mahal.

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