Government Will Soon Launch A New Cybersecurity Policy

Government will soon launch a new cybersecurity policy that will be announced: PM Modi. On the occasion of 74th Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort, announced that the government will soon bring a new cybersecurity policy in the country.

He said that ‘within the next 1000 days, more than 6 lakh villages will be connected with the fiber-optic network and we will soon announce a new cybersecurity policy’. At present, the whole world including India is facing many challenges in the field of cybersecurity and in such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a big announcement about the new cybersecurity policy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while speaking on Digital India during his address, said that the participation of rural India and villages in Digital India is necessary. We are rapidly expanding our optical fiber network. It will reach every gram panchayat within 1,000 days.

The Prime Minister also said that ‘the progress of the country has been seen in all areas in the last six years and the government is doing many important things like electricity to every household, cooking gas, making bank accounts for the poor or building toilets in all houses. India has made progress in almost every field in the last 6 years.

While addressing the country on the occasion of Independence Day, the Prime Minister said that in the crisis of Corona, we have seen what the role of Digital India campaign has been.

Talking about the importance and contribution of Digital India, he said that last month alone, a transaction of about Rs 3 lakh crore has been done from BHIM UPI alone. Whereas before 2014 only 5 dozen panchayats of the country were connected with optical fiber, now in the last 5 years, 1.5 lakh gram panchayats in the country have been connected with optical fiber.

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