Filmmaker Sandeep Singh Has Responded To The Allegations

Filmmaker Sandeep Singh has responded to the allegations being leveled against him and has also shared his many personal chats on social media. Sandeep Singh told the news of the case in Mauritius wrong, shared the police letter

In the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput case, a period of accusations against many others is going on and fake news is also being spread. Meanwhile, news came that a sexual assault case was registered against Sandeep Singh in Mauritius. However, now Filmmaker Sandeep Singh said people misunderstood this news and has also posted a clearance letter issued by the Mauritius police on social media.

In addition, he has denied the allegations being made in the Sushant Singh Rajput case in an interview to Instagram post and news agency . Sandeep Singh has shared a letter released by a Mauritius police on Instagram. The letter reads, ‘The office wishes to inform you that according to the police records, Sandeep Vinod Kumar Singh, who was born on 2 September 1981 and is the holder of Indian passport number Z4318005, is in any police case in Mauritius. He is not involved nor is being investigated by the police.

Sandeep Singh has shared screenshots of his chat with Sushant Singh Rajput online. She has shared the screenshots of the chat saying that this was the last resort to prove her equation with Sushant. Earlier it was revealed that Sandeep Singh had not called Sushant for the past one year. Now dismissing all speculation, Sandeep Singh has shared screenshots of his chat with Sushant Singh Rajput.

Sandeep Singh told the leading new agency about the day Sushant Singh died, ‘When I reached Cooper Hospital with Mitu Didi (Sushant Singh’s sister), a constable said- Who is Sandeep? So at that time, instead of shouting, I showed my thumb that I am the person. What’s wrong with this, Should I have taken care of my gestures earlier.

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