China Sends A Team Of Health Workers To Hong Kong

China sends a team of health workers to Hong Kong to stop the third wave of the corona epidemic. The tensions between China and Hong Kong over the past year are not over.

Meanwhile, the corona epidemic continues to wreak havoc in Hong Kong. China has now made preparations to rein in the rapidly spreading coronavirus in Hong Kong.

China sends a team of health workers to Hong Kong to stop the third wave of the Corona epidemic in Hong Kong. Under this, the first team of 7 health workers will reach Hong Kong on Sunday.

After this, the entire team of 60 people will reach Hong Kong to investigate the corona rapidly and extensively. China’s National Health Commission announced its scheduled arrival on Saturday.

According to the information, members of this team are from public hospitals in Guangdong province, while a specialist team of six from Wuhan, where coronaviruses first appeared in the world.

This team will help create part of the AsiaWorld Expo Conference Center as a facility for COVID-19 patients. This is the first time a Chinese health official has assisted Hong Kong in its fight to control the coronavirus.

Some local residents of Hong Kong fear that China may use it as an excuse to collect DNA samples for surveillance purposes. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said on Saturday that the former British colony Hong Kong sought help from the central government due to a resurgence in affairs.

Local broadcaster RTHK reported on Saturday that Carrie Lam said the government was studying whether all could be tested in Hong Kong.

The Chinese region of Hong Kong saw an increase in locally transmitted coronavirus cases in July and introduced a range of stringent measures, including gathering two people and mandating masks in public places.

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