COVID-19 Problem: Techies Forced To Take Up MGNREGA Jobs

COVID-19 Problem: Techies compelled to take up MGNREGA employment, Theater artistes run food trucks in Karnataka. when all else fails, compromise is unavoidable. The breakout of a worldwide pandemic, Covid-19, has pushed millions out of their agreeable lives or employments of their decision.

What’s more, the jobless in Karnataka are presently taking up any accessible job just to endure, regardless of whether it is difficult to work. Likewise, some jobless experts, for example, theater artistes are being compelled to sell food on the side of the road to endure the pandemic in Bengaluru.

A few dozen alumni, postgraduates, certificate holders, and even a few geeks who have lost their jobs in Bengaluru have returned to their local spots to acquire a work under MGNREGA.

As per affirmed reports, more than 50 such young people are working under the rustic business to ensure conspire to earn Rs 275 every day in the Bidar region alone. They are occupied with building channels, desilting check dams, tanks, wells, and in any event, fixing streets.

As indicated by Sharath Kumar Abhiman, partner chief of MGNREGA in Bidar area, these are individuals from poor families who used to procure a not too bad living in urban areas like Bengaluru before the lockdown.

Addressing a local paper, he stated, “I had posted about MGNREGA on my Facebook page. Many instructed young people who have lost their jobs as of late reached me in the wake of seeing that. I carried it to the notification of Bidar Zilla panchayat Chief Gyanendra Kumar Gangwar. He quickly requested us to give them work to ensure cards and utilize them under MGNREGA.”

Around 25 alumni were occupied with a waterway desilting work at Kamathana grama panchayat and a couple of designing alumni have likewise worked under MGNREGA in Humnabad taluk, nearby papers report.

“I was at home without an occupation during the lockdown. I came to think about MGNREGA and selected myself as an every day bet. I have earned some cash in these frantic occasions,” a designing alumni, Ramachandra, said.

The Bidar Zilla panchayat Chief said that they had even made a short narrative on graduates working under MGNREGA. “It is an invite improvement. They are not sitting around idly. They are winning something,” he said.

LK Atheeq, head secretary, provincial turn of events, and Panchayati Raj (RDPR), Karnataka government, has affirmed this. As per him, he has likewise gotten comparable reports from the focal Karnataka region of Haveri.

Be that as it may, there is no statewide information of such urgent occupation searchers and the RDPR division is currently attempting to examine them.

In Bengaluru, about six expert theater artistes are being compelled to work a food truck to get by in the hour of Covid-19. They are selling basic vegan passage from morning to evening at Nandini Format in the western part of the city. As per them, it is additionally a fine art, despite the fact that the genuine explanation is stopping of all amusement exercises because of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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