Conspiracy To Revive Terrorist Violence In Rajouri: Jammu Kashmir

Conspiracy to revive terrorist violence in Rajouri, three encounters in a month in the district, six terrorists killed: Jammu Kashmir.

The apprehension of terrorist organizations increasing terrorist activities again in the Rajouri and Poonch districts of the Jammu division is proving right.

In the last month, there have been three encounters in the Rajouri district itself, in which six terrorists have been killed.

Intelligence agencies had recently issued an alert for Rajouri and Poonch districts, warning that terrorist organizations are conspiring to increase nefarious activities in both districts.

Security agencies had also said that some terrorists can also infiltrate. Vigilance was increased regarding this.

The first encounter in the Rajouri district took place on June 8 in the Dadal area of ​​Sunderbani, where two terrorists were killed, while two Army personnel who were injured in the firing were martyred.

On the same day, another encounter took place in the Kalal area of ​​Nowshera, in which one terrorist was killed, while two army personnel were injured.

The third encounter took place on Friday in the Bhangai area of ​​Thanna Mandi, in which two terrorists were killed.

Conspiracy to revive terrorist violence in Rajouri: Bhangai area of ​​Thanna Mandi has been a stronghold of terrorists.

Once upon a time, the Bhangai area of ​​Thanna Mandi tehsil has been a stronghold of terrorists. In the year 2004, DSP Virendra Singh Jaipuria of Police was martyred in an ambush by terrorists in this area.

Apart from this, many terrorists have been killed in this area and many times the terrorists have attacked the security forces.

In 2009, a terrorist who had entered a house in the adjoining area Upper Shahdara Sharif was hacked to death with an ax by a local woman, Ruksan Kausar.

A few years back the security forces had made the area terrorist-free.

More than 30 search operations in a month:

The concerned officials, who did not wish to be named, said that the terrorist organizations are making unsuccessful attempts to revive terrorism in Rajouri and Poonch.

He said that more than 30 search operations have been conducted in the district in a month. In view of the movement of terrorists, the army and police are fully alert.

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