Chikmagalur Rains: Low Rainfall In The Highlands

Chikmagalur Rains: Low rainfall in the highlands, Hundreds of acres of nut plantation have been recharged by river water overflowing into the Somavati River, Locals’ tirade to the flood-hit people.

The Chikmagalur administration has taken steps to relocate 30 families of Bhandimatha in the Bhadra River and to place them in a refugee center opened in the town of Banjohnooru.

Chikmagalur: The rainfall of Ashleys has been a bit low in the district on Saturday. Five days of heavy rains caused the Tunga, Bhadra and Hemavati rivers.

Muddeere taluk in Chikmagalur has been ravaged in the Charmedi Ghat area and the road clearance is being carried out. Traffic has been curtailed in the Ghati area. Friday night’s torrential rains have caused another thunderstorm across the Ghati region.

The Ghati road was cracked on Friday and the cement was plastered by the Department of Public Works. Police personnel, forest department personnel, and public works department cleared the mud and trees lying on the road.

The Bhadra River is submerged by the flood waters of the Bhadra River overlooking the Bhadra River. About five feet of water was poured over the bridge.

By Saturday afternoon, the water level had dropped slightly and the poor outdoors had been disconnected. The nut water on the banks of the Bhadra River is the same as the flood water stored in the paddy fields.

The Muddykare Taluk has overflowed the Somavati River and hundreds of acres of nut plantation have been recharged in the river water. A 9-acre plantation in the suburb of Taluk has been damaged by water. Disconnected by tornadoes across the taluk and clearing operation is underway.

Bhadranadi floods are similar in the case of Banjhonnur and the taluka administration has evacuated the riverine people to a safer place. Flood water has penetrated shop fronts.

The Bhadra river is flooded in the early morning hours of Saturday morning, though the river Bhadra is flowing in the afternoon, though it is slightly lower in the afternoon. A team of officials including Renuka Kaprasad, Tahsildar Renuka, and CEO Nayana visited the area.

Heavy showers in Sringeri taluk on Saturday and heavy rain in Kerakkatte and Nemmar. The rain was so low yesterday afternoon that the torrential rain on Thursday night flooded the Tunga River and covered the water around the Saradamba Temple.

The water level in the Tunga River on Saturday fell due to flooding in the Tunga River surrounding the Sharadambha Temple. K.V. Water flowing to the gardens of the R Road, Gandhi Ground, the dining school and the riverbank fell on Saturday.

Normal rainfall in Koppa Taluk. The water of Hodeira’s creek, which is flowing from the Tarekere taluk Jambadahalla reservoir, has caused considerable damage to the surrounding area. Roads of many villages have been cut off due to the fall and evacuation operations are being carried out.

Many of the pillars are broken and the rural areas spend the day in the dark. The power line repair work is going through the burden. More than 108 houses are located across the district from Mahamani.

Parliamentarians Shobha Karandlaje and Minister CT Ravi visited the Mundigere area and inspected it. So far, 4 people have lost their lives in the district. Rudramma (87) died in floods in Hemavathi.

The incident took place near the Jagannapura Agrahara Temple on August 6 when the foot of the temple was washed away by the river Hemavathi. The body was found Saturday afternoon. Saturday continues to be cloudy for the entire day and it is likely to rain again.

Disadvantaged Villagers:

“Parliamentarians Shobha Karandlaje and Mudigere constituency MP Kumaraswamy visited the Bankehanahalli village in the rainforest area. The bridge had collapsed in last year’s rains, but the bridge has not yet begun.

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