America’s Stance On Canada-India Dispute: Pre-Jaishankar-Blinken Meeting Message – 10 Key Points

America’s stance on Canada-India dispute: Pre-Jaishankar-Blinken meeting message – 10 key points.

Discover America’s position on the deepening Canada-India political crisis before the crucial Jaishankar-Blinken meeting. Get insights into their message and 10 key developments in the dispute.

‘Our stand on Canada dispute remains firm’, what is America’s message before Jaishankar-Blinken meeting – read 10 points.

Canada-India Row The political crisis between Canada and India is now deepening.

India had reacted strongly to the allegations made by the Canadian PM on the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

As the controversy deepened, statements from many other countries including America have also come to light.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Jaishankar is going to meet his American counterpart Antony Blinken today, this issue may also come up during this meeting.

The statement of the American spokesperson has come out even before the meeting, with this statement the American has given a special message.

America’s stance on the Canada-India dispute: Come, let us know in 10 points about the deepening political crisis between India and Canada.

1- After the dispute that arose between India and Canada (Canada India Row), America said that it is in touch with India on this issue.

Meanwhile, today US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller once again said that he is talking to India and has asked India to cooperate in the investigation.

2- Jaishankar and the US Foreign Minister are going to meet today.

Earlier, the two had also met during the Quad ministerial meeting, but there was no discussion on the Canada dispute because it was not a bilateral talk.

The foreign ministers of Japan and Australia were also present in that meeting.

3- America had earlier said that there should be an impartial investigation into the Najjar massacre and India should cooperate in it.

4- Earlier, while addressing a press conference in New York, Jaishankar had said that India has clearly told Canada that it has no involvement in the Najjar case.

5- Jaishankar also said that India had also asked Canada to provide evidence if the allegations were true, but it did not provide evidence.

6- Along with this, Jaishankar had taken Canada to task and said that extremism, organized crime, and separatist forces are being encouraged there.

7- The Foreign Minister had also made an indirect attack on Canada in the United Nations General Assembly.

Jaishankar had said that the member countries of the United Nations have to unite against terrorism and should not do politics on this.

8- Canadian Ambassador Bob Roy claimed after the UNGC meeting that his Indian counterpart Ruchira Kamboj had contacted him and said that both of them will have to work together because the governments of both countries are jointly finding a solution to this.

9- Canada was the first to say that India was involved in the murder of Khalistani terrorist Najjar.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had claimed that Canada had already given evidence to India regarding this.

10- Along with making allegations, Canada expelled the Indian Ambassador, in response to which India had also asked the Canadian Ambassador to leave the country within 5 days.

After this India suspended visa services in Canada.

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