CDS General Bipin Rawat Said Every Activity Of China Is On Watch

CDS General Bipin Rawat said, every activity of China is on watch, the forces are able to answer completely. Indian forces are capable of responding to China’s aggression. Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat said this on Thursday amidst escalation from China in eastern Ladakh.

Addressing a session of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum, General Rawat said that India has an eye on every Chinese activity. India is monitoring China’s infra projects, including highways and rail lines, in the Tibet Autonomous Region. In the future, India’s strategy for China will take into account the impact of all these activities.

The CDS also warned Pakistan. He said that by taking advantage of the atmosphere of tension with China, if Pakistan did anything, it would have to suffer a huge loss. Pakistan is fully prepared to respond to any action. General Rawat also referred to Pakistan’s antics to promote terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said, ‘We are also facing border disputes in the north and west. Therefore, the role of the army is important. Our forces need to be able to deal with any crisis immediately and be ready for the future. ‘

Referring to the current security challenges facing India, General Rawat said that India is facing very complex challenges, ranging from nuclear to other conventional threats. He said, “China’s increasing interference in East, South and South-East Asia and Indian Ocean region activities and non-traditional threats like piracy, maritime terrorism, human trafficking and bioterrorism are directly affecting India’s interests. ‘

Meanwhile, Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane has arrived on his two-day visit to Ladakh. According to sources, the Army Chief is visiting for a comprehensive review of the security situation in the region, keeping in mind China’s efforts to change the status quo around the southern coast of Pegong Lake.

The top commander of the army, who is overseeing the deployment of troops in the region, will inform Army Chief Narwane about India’s readiness for the latest situation. Tensions in the Pegong Lake area had increased in the past, when China tried to capture some places, which was thwarted by the army.

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