BJP’s Strategy Is Ready For Mission 2024, There Will Be A Big Meeting In Every Lok Sabha

BJP’s strategy is ready for Mission 2024, there will be a big meeting in every Lok Sabha, with the target of gathering 10 thousand people.

BJP has chalked out a strategy for Mission 2024. Party workers and office bearers have also been entrusted with the responsibility.

A big public meeting will be held in all the Lok Sabha constituencies of Uttar Pradesh. In this, a target has been given to collect a minimum of 10 thousand people.

The chief guest will decide the leadership of the center and the state. All public representatives of the concerned area have to compulsorily participate in this.

Apart from this, all MPs or ministers in charge will also hold press conferences to explain the work of the central government in their respective areas.

An enlightened conference will also be organized in all the districts.

In this, advocates, doctors, engineers, principals, CAs, professors, outstanding sportspersons, social workers, retired officers, managers of educational institutions, etc. will be invited after making a list.


BJP’s strategy is ready for Mission 2024: This program will be compulsorily held on June 25, the day of the Emergency.

In this, it will be prominently mentioned how Congress harmed democracy. A documentary film will also be shown on behalf of the organization regarding this.

Dr. Shailesh Kumar Pandey, State Co-Convenor of BJP’s National Training Abhiyan said that in the meeting of Kashi province, guidance was received from the organization on all points.

In this meeting, along with all the people’s representatives, the office bearers of the party up to the area level were involved. They have already been given targets.

The action plan will be made for PM Modi’s ‘Vision 2047’, Amit Shah will preside over Chintan Shivir today.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Home Affairs will participate in this Chintan Shivir to be held in New Delhi. In this, the action plan will be discussed to implement PM Modi’s ‘Vision 2047’.

The news agency quoted sources as saying that the purpose of this Chintan Shivir is to interact with senior officials of the ministry and prepare an action plan to implement PM Modi’s ‘Vision 2047’.

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