BJP Accuses Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi

BJP accuses Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi, Says PM Relief Fund misused in UPA Rule.

The BJP on Friday proceeded with its assaults against Congress Interim President Sonia Gandhi on the issue of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundations(RGF) getting gifts from the Chinese Consulate here, as BJP party president J. P. Nadda blamed her for occupying the cash of the residents during the UPA rule into a family-run establishment.

Nadda said it was shameless extortion as well as a major treachery to the residents of the nation. While targetting Sonia Gandhi, he said one family’s crave riches has cost this country tremendously and requested Congress’ magnificent tradition to apologize

.”The PMNRF (Prime Minister National Relief Fund), intended to help individuals in trouble, was giving cash to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundations in UPA years. Who sat on the PMNRF board? Sonia Gandhi. Who seats RGF (Rajiv Gandhi foundations)? Sonia Gandhi. Absolutely unforgivable, dismissing morals, forms, and not making a fuss over straightforwardness,” Nadda said in a progression of tweets.

He stated, “Individuals of India gave their well deserved cash to the PMNRF to help their kindred residents out of luck. To redirect this open cash into a family-run establishment isn’t just a baldfaced extortion yet additionally a major treachery of the individuals of India.”

While assaulting the Gandhi family, the BJP President stated, “One family’s strive after riches has cost the country gigantically. On the off chance that solitary they have given their energies towards an increasingly helpful plan. The Congress’ Majestic Administration needs to apologize to the unchecked plunder for self-gains.”

On Thursday, a contention ejected after an alarming disclosure that the legislature of the People groups Republic of China and the Chinese Government office in India has been subsidizing the RGF driven by Sonia Gandhi. She is the Executive of the RGF, and its board incorporates previous Head administrator Manmohan Singh, previous Congress President Rahul Gandhi, previous Money Clergyman P. Chidambaram and Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, among others.

Nonetheless, the Congress reacted to the BJP’s claims and stated, “the BJP should quit living in 2005” and affirmed that the decision party is receiving “diversionary strategies” to abstain from responding to inquiries on the Chinese offenses in Ladakh.

On Thursday evening, Congress boss representative Randeep Surjewala stated, “If you don’t mind quit living in 2005 and begin responding to inquiries in 2020”. Terminating a salvo at the BJP, Surjewala asked: “For what reason is the administration mum about the Chinese nearness in the eastern Ladakh region? In the national intrigue, the country needs to know the response to these inquiries rather than diversionary strategies of the present BJP government.”

Surjewala stated, “I can ask Executive Narendra Modi and his legislature, is it false that the main Boss Priest (as Gujarat CM) who visited China multiple times is none not exactly Head administrator Modi, the main Leader who visited China multiple times is PM Modi, the main PM who called the Chinese chief multiple times is PM Modi.”

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