Attacks On Minorities A Conspiracy: Sajjad Gani Lone

Attacks on minorities a conspiracy to separate and defame local Muslims from other classes: Lone.

People’s Conference chairman Sajjad Gani Lone said on Saturday that the recent attacks on minorities in Kashmir are a conspiracy to separate and defame local Muslims from other sections.

He said that it is unfair to hold the entire Muslim community responsible for these attacks on Kashmiri Muslims. There are elements of some crazy and criminal mentality in every community.

He said that a reprehensible attempt is being made to link all the Muslims of Kashmir for the brutality of some crazy and criminal elements.

Sajjad Lone said that for the majority community and the terrorists, it is necessary to identify the criminals separately.

Some crazy and wild people are a curse for Kashmir, we need to get rid of them. They have not even spared the majority of Muslims.

Those who do not support them are often targeted by him and he has even killed many. The chairman of the People’s Conference said that it is true that minorities have been targeted.

This is a conspiracy to force them to migrate from Kashmir, to create hatred between Kashmiri Muslims and other communities. Kashmiri Muslims should be maligned.

Sajjad Gani Lone said that we all need to unite and foil this conspiracy at the time of this trouble. You can fight against anti-social elements only.

The migration from the Valley is worrying. He expressed hope that everything will be fine soon. The state administration is taking strict steps.

But common citizens should also understand their responsibility. The whole community is getting maligned because of a few ruthless people.

Discussion of making Shah Faesal, who was a staunch supporter of Article 370, an advisor to the Lieutenant Governor

Former bureaucrat Dr. Shah Faesal, who was a staunch supporter of Article 370, is once again in the headlines.

This time he is not because of any of his controversial tweets but because of the ongoing speculation that he will be appointed as an advisor to the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Manoj Sinha.

Shah Faesal himself is silent on this matter. Shah Faesal resigned from government service on January 9, 2019, alleging atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims and Muslims living in other parts of the country.

Why this resignation has not been accepted to date, only Shah Faesal or the central government knows.

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