Asif Khan Has Left His Mark From ‘Mirzapur’ To ‘Patal Lok’

Asif Khan has left his mark from ‘Mirzapur’ to ‘Patal Lok’, yet people say- ‘Awesome Bejewati Hai Yaar’

Amazon Prime Video’s web series Mirzapur 2 has been released. The series aired on October 22. In the second season, Asif Khan in the character of Babur has attracted people.

Babar showed his loyalty to Guddu Pandit. The special thing is that people remember a dialogue after seeing Asif Khan who plays Babur. This is the dialogue – amazing, man.

How famous is Asif

Asif has been part of many shows. As actors, they appear in small roles. But the web series Panchayat on Amazon Prime Video made him famous. In this web series, he plays the character of a bride who is greedy for dowry.

He sits on a chair, on which he gets scolded by the village secretary (Jeetu Bhaiya). On this, his friend says that man is amazing. Then there is a ruckus. A photo of Asif crying goes viral on the internet even today.

What is the connection with Patla Lok

After the Asif Khan Panchayat web series, the famous web series Patal Lok also appeared. In this famous web series of Amazon Prime Video, he appears in the character of Kabir M. Kabir is also accused of being associated with terrorists.

One scene is quite famous, in which Police Inspector Hathiram interrogates him. In this too, Asif has appeared in a very bold character.

Now in Mirzapur 2 the Babar character gives him another identity. Maybe he is seen in a big role in the coming years. Fans will also expect the same from them.

However, he will not appear in Mirzapur 3, as Munna Tripathi (Divyendu Sharma) kills him last episode. Fans are also waiting to see how the story turns in Mirzapur 3

Mirzapur 2: IMDb rating status

To find out the answer to this question, we turned to IMDb rating. In this case, if you talk about the first season, then different episodes have different ratings.

Talking about the first season, the last episode got the last episode ‘LOL’. It was rated at 8.9. At the same time, the third rating faithful to the worst rating is 7.9.

Talking about the second season, disappointment is at hand. The best ratings were given for the first and second episodes. This rating is 6.9, which is also lower than the worst rating of the first season.

At the same time, the 7th episode got the worst rating of 6.1. Overall, the fans might not like the second season like the first season. People expected more.

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