Army’s 62 RR Battalion Discussion In Amshipora Encounter

Army’s 62 RR battalion discussion in Amshipora encounter, know what is the story of this battalion. The Army’s 62 Rashtriya Rifles (RR), which came into the discussion with the Amashipora encounter, conducted about 20 major operations in the last three and a half years.

Only five of them turned up in the encounter and four terrorists including three missing Rajouri laborers have been killed. Three military personnel, including a Major of 62 RR, have been martyred and two others injured since 2017.

According to sources, there has been no notable achievement in the last four years in the context of the 62 RR counter-insurgency operations that killed three missing laborers in Rajouri in the Amtipora Shopian on July 18.

However, the alleged fake encounter has definitely been detected. Sources said that 62 RR had conducted an operation in Tantripora, Kulgam on February 9, 2017, before the encounter of three missing Rajouri missing laborers in Amshipora.

A Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist was killed in an encounter in this operation. After this, on July 27, 2017, 62 RR soldiers met with terrorists in Matribug. The terrorists escaped and two 62 RR soldiers were injured.

On August 3, 2017, 62 RR soldiers conducted a search operation on the information about the hideout of the terrorists in Jirpora Shopian, within a week of the Matribug encounter. During the search, the terrorists attacked. One major and two soldiers were killed in the attack. The terrorists had escaped.

After the Zirpora encounter, 62 RRs conducted separate search operations on 19 and 28 August 2017 and thereafter on 8 September and 25 October 2017 in different areas of Shopian. On 6, 12, 20, 21 and 25 of November 2017, 62 AR personnel searched and laid siege to various areas of Shopian district.

The last campaign of 62 RR in the year 2017 was on 17 December. This campaign was conducted in about six villages. However, after 3 August 2017, at any place 62 RR did not find any place of terrorists in their campaign nor did they encounter any terrorists.

No major operations in the year 2019: In the year 2018, 62 RR conducted a search operation on 5 August in Damhal area of ​​Kulgam. During this campaign, for the first time in the last one year, 62 RR soldiers had encounter terrorists, but the terrorists managed to escape.

In the year 2019, 62 RR did not conduct any major operations and its soldiers were limited to regular patrolling in the areas around their camps.

Not a big success this year as well: In the current year 2020, 62 RR personnel attacked a terrorist hideout in Bungam Kulgam. The terrorists escaped before the soldiers arrived. The encounter did not happen. However, two magazines of assault rifle were definitely recovered from the terrorist hideout.

This was followed by a search operation by 62 RR jawans at Manlu in Shopian on 28 May, Ramnagri on 31 May, and Keller on 16 July. In these campaigns, not a single shot was fired and no place was found for the terrorists.

No underground worker of terrorists was also found. After this, 62 RR soldiers claimed to have killed three terrorists in Amshipora on 18 July. These three terrorists have now proved to be the missing workers of Rajouri and the officers and jawans involved in the encounter are facing legal action.

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