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Naatu Naatu’ From RRR Won Oscars: Ram Charan’s First Reaction

Naatu Naatu’ From RRR Won Oscars: Ram Charan’s first reaction came after winning the Oscar, read what he said.

Naatu Naatu Oscar 2023: The 95th Annual Academy Awards ceremony has kicked off with great success. This is where the word “RRR” was found.

As soon as ‘Natunatu’ was announced as the winner of the ‘Best Original Song’ category at this awards ceremony, the entire hall started applauding.

The whole theater roared with thunderous applause. Everyone is expressing joy one by one on social media.

Naatu Naatu’ From RRR Won Oscars: On the other hand, the first reaction of Ram Charan, an actor famous for ‘Lurr’, is a hot topic. Shall we tell you what he said?

Ram Charan, who won the Oscar for Natu Natu, commented, “Congratulations to our director S.S. “Naatu Naatu” composers and lyricists Rajamouli, M.M. Kiravani and her singers Chandraboza, Rahul Sipligunj and the RRR team.

Our choreographers Kaal Bhairav, and Prem Rakshit, and the artists who brought this song to the world Naatu Naatu have become a global phenomenon and are proof that good stories like great songs can transcend language and borders.

Naatu Naatu’ From RRR Won the Oscars: This song wasn’t just for us. “Naatu Naatu” belongs to people and people of all cultures who have adopted it.

Along with this, Lam also congratulated the makers of the Oscar-winning Indian short film. He said, “I would like to congratulate Kartik Gonsalves and Gunit Mong on their big win in Elephant’s Whisper.

This is a memorable time for India. The RRR team is in the US 10-15 days in advance.

Ram Charan, the star of the movie ‘RRR’, and Junior NTR, S.S. Rajamouli have already been in the US for 10-15 days.

He promoted the film for the Oscars. “Natu-Natu” won 15 songs included in the “Oscars” list.

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