Aizal Escaped From Kerala And Joined ISIS In The Year 2016

Aizal escaped from Kerala and joined IS, now name coming in Afghanistan prison attack. There is a possibility of an Indian citizen being involved in a prison attack in Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar, East Afghanistan.

This person had joined the Islamic State. According to intelligence agencies, one of the members of the Islamic State involved in this attack has been identified. It has been claimed that this person is Kettiyapurayil of Kasaragod in Kerala.

Sources said that his family had identified Aizal from the photographs. At the same time, sources said that there is no official confirmation of this yet. Aizal, a doctor by profession, joined the Islamic State in 2016 with his wife Rahila and a two-year-old child.

Also his brother Shihaz joined IS with his wife Ajmala. According to the media, sources said that they were part of the Islamic State’s Kasargod module, which went into Nangarhar province in Afghanistan in 2016 after missing from Kasaragod in May-June that year.

A source said that even after reaching Afghanistan, Azas was in contact with the family, it is said that Azas and Shihaz had told the news of the birth of two children at home.

‘We already assumed dead’
A close relative said, ‘The family had already accepted both sons as finished. Earlier rumors had emerged that youths had died in Afghanistan. We are not thinking too much on this because we had assumed that he had died long ago.

It is known that in Jalalabad, terrorists of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) attacked the jail. So far, 39 people have been killed in the Islamic State attack, including the attackers. Officials gave this information on Monday.

It is believed that there are hundreds of IS prisoners in this prison and the attackers succeeded in liberating about 400 prisoners. This attack indicates the challenges facing Afghanistan. After the US entered into a peace treaty with the Taliban, the US and NATO troops started going back.

The attack began on Sunday when a suicide bomber from the Islamic State arrived at the prison gate carrying a vehicle loaded with explosives and detonated it. Meanwhile, other Islamic State terrorists started firing and entered inside.

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