Why BJP Struggled In The Lok Sabha Elections: RSS Exposes Party’s Mistakes

Why BJP Struggled in the Lok Sabha Elections: RSS Exposes Party’s Mistakes.

Why BJP Struggled In The Lok Sabha Elections: Despite forming the government for the third time, the BJP failed to secure a full majority in the Lok Sabha elections.

The RSS criticizes the BJP’s overconfidence and lack of grassroots connection, highlighting key mistakes that led to a decline in seats.

So this is why the BJP could not do wonders in the Lok Sabha elections, RSS exposed the party’s mistakes.

Even though the Modi government has been formed for the third time, this time BJP failed to form a government with a full majority.

The party’s performance was very poor in many states including Uttar Pradesh. The party which won 303 seats in 2019, got reduced to only 240 seats this time.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has made a strong comment on the party’s result.

Why BJP Struggled In The Lok Sabha Elections: BJP workers were not listening to the voice of the public.

RSS said that such results have come due to the overconfidence of BJP workers.

In an article published in RSS’s mouthpiece ‘Organizer’, it was written that instead of listening to the voice of the public, the party workers were enjoying the shine of PM Modi’s fan following.

The election result is a reality check for BJP: Ratan Sharda.

RSS also said that BJP leaders did not reach out to ‘volunteers’ for electoral support. At the same time, the BJP did not give importance to those workers who were working on the ground.

At the same time, the party expressed confidence in those workers who were campaigning with the help of ‘selfies’.  “This election result is a ‘reality check’ for the BJP.”

Anger among BJP workers in Maharashtra: RSS.

The article further wrote that the BJP became too active in Maharashtra politics. Unnecessary politics was done in Maharashtra.

There was anger among BJP workers due to the joining of the NCP (Sharad faction) in the party. The brand value of BJP has decreased in the state.

Without naming any leader, Sharda said that many of those Congress leaders were included in the BJP, who had created a fear of ‘saffron terror’.

At the same time, the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack was termed as a conspiracy of the RSS.

Reaching out to voters is the responsibility of the party: Ratan Sharda.

Ratan Sharda further said that reaching out to voters, explaining the party’s agenda, and distributing literature and voter cards is the responsibility of the party.

The BJP performed poorly in Maharashtra as it could win only nine seats compared to 23 out of a total of 48 seats in 2019.

The Shiv Sena led by the Shinde faction got seven seats and the Ajit Pawar-led NCP got just one seat.

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