Washington DC Shooting: One Dead, 3 People Injured

Washington DC Shooting: Shots were fired a few steps from the White House, one dead; 3 people injured including a police officer.

Washington DC Shooting: Several people, including a police officer, were shot at a concert on U Street Northwest in Washington, DC, less than 2 miles from the White House.

According to the media, ‘The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) is responding to the situation of the shooting at 14th and U Street, NW area, in which several people, including an MPD officer, have been shot.’

DC Police told in the press conference that a teenager has died. While a police officer and two people are injured.

The police officer’s condition is stable.

DC Police Union has also confirmed in a tweet that one of its police officers was shot during the shooting.

“We can confirm that one of our members working in the area of ​​14th and U St NW has been shot,” he said. The member has been taken to the hospital and his condition is stable.

According to a local media outlet, the shooting took place at or near the site of a Juneteenth music festival called ‘Mochella’ on 14th and U Streets.

Police appealed to the people to avoid going to the area.

Local US media said on Monday that there were unconfirmed reports of more victims with an MPD officer being shot in the leg. At present, the police are asking everyone to avoid going to the area.

Weapons need to be banned – Biden.

Let us tell you, on the increasing incidents of gun violence in the United States, President Joe Biden said that in order to protect children and families.

America needs to ban assault weapons or buy them from the age of 18. Needs to be increased to 21 years.

“We need to ban assault weapons,” he said. If we cannot do that, then we should increase the age of buying them from 18 to 21 years.

‘Ban high capacity magazines.

Biden said, ‘Ban high capacity magazines. Strengthen background checks. Enforce safe storage laws and red flag laws. Revoke immunity from liability of gun manufacturers.

He further said that it is not about snatching anyone’s rights. It is about the safety of the children. It’s about protecting families. It’s about protecting communities.

19 children died in Texas on May 24.

Significantly, on May 24, there was a mass shooting at Raab Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, in which many people, including 19 children, were killed.

It was the deadliest attack since the 2018 Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School shooting incident in Parkland, Florida, which killed 17 people, according to CNN.

An elderly woman died on 31 May.

On May 31, an elderly woman was killed and two others were injured when she was hit by gunfire at a high school graduation ceremony in New Orleans.

NBC News quoted New Orleans police as saying that the shooting took place outside the convocation center on the campus of Xavier University where Maris Jeffs High School graduates had gathered.

Four people died on June 1.

On June 1, at least four people were killed in a shooting at a hospital complex in Tulsa City, Oklahoma, CNN quoted police as saying. Let us tell you, that incidents of shootings are increasing in America.

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