Trump Told Himself Innocent On The Charge Of Overturning The Election Results

Trump told himself innocent on the charge of overturning the election results; Next hearing on August 28.

A hearing was held in a Washington DC court on charges of criminal conspiracy to remain in power despite losing the 2020 election against former US President Donald Trump.

During this, Trump has declared himself innocent before the Indian-American judge. It was Trump’s third appearance in court in four months.

More than a thousand criminals were present.

Donald Trump, seeking to contest the 2024 presidential election from the Republican Party, entered a plea of not guilty before Magistrate Judge Moxila A. Upadhyay.

Apart from Trump, around 1000 more criminals appeared in the court, who were accused of entering the US Capitol on January 6 and rioting there.

Accused in four cases.

The former president is accused of ‘conspiracy to defraud the United States’, ‘conspiracy to obstruct government proceedings’, ‘obstructing government proceedings’ and ‘conspiracy against the rights of the people’.

Trump was arrested on four counts cited in the indictment by special counsel Jack Smith.

The 45-page indictment was filed earlier this week in Washington DC by Smith, who led the investigation into the former president on behalf of the US Department of Justice.

Trump present with changed gestures.

Judge Upadhyay asked the former president in the courtroom, “How does Trump plead?” On this, Trump, who was present with his lawyers, said, “I am not guilty.”

The gestures of the former President were seen to have changed a lot in the courtroom.

He spoke little during the hearing, answering questions about his name and age. Even most of the time he sat with his head bowed.

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