Islamic Jihad Fired 800 Rockets At Israel In Three Days

Islamic Jihad fired 800 rockets at Israel in three days, and IDF apologized for the journalist’s death.

Tension remains high between Israel and Palestinian terrorists. Israeli airstrikes continued on terrorist bases in Gaza on Friday as well.

Rockets were fired from the terrorists towards Jerusalem for the first time this week.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) said that from Tuesday to Thursday night 803 rockets were fired by the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad.

Islamic Jihad fired 800 rockets at Israel in three days: 602 rockets fell on Israeli territory.

The IDF said 602 of these rockets landed in Israeli territory. The IDF was successful in shooting down 179. During this, 191 terrorist bases were targeted by Israel.

Another Islamic Jihad commander was killed in an attack by Israel on Friday. He has been identified as Ayad al-Hasni. Before this, five terrorist commanders have been killed so far.

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