Uttar Pradesh BJP Core Committee Will Be Expanded

Uttar Pradesh BJP core committee will be expanded, and Swatantra Dev Singh will also enter.

CM Yogi had praised Swatantra for six consecutive minutes in the new state president Bhupendra Chaudhary’s taking over the program and said that he would not be allowed to be ‘independent’.

After this, calling Swatantra Dev in the core committee meeting held at CM Yogi’s residence also confirms that Swatantra Dev Singh’s entry may soon be in the core committee of UP BJP.

Actually, this core committee is going to expand very soon. There have been several rounds of meetings for this expansion.

It has been discussed in these meetings that the 5 member core committee should be expanded to 8 members. A Dalit, a woman, and a free god should also be included in this.

At present, there are 5 members in the core committee of UP BJP.

This includes Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya, Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak, UP BJP state president Bhupendra Chaudhary, and General Secretary Organization Dharampal.

The purpose of this committee is to have many important responsibilities like coordinating the government and the organization and sending it to the central leadership.

Not only this, it is the task of this committee to give its opinion on the decisions by coordinating the BJP organization and the government with the RSS and its affiliated organizations.

Uttar Pradesh BJP core committee will be expanded: Swatantra Dev will also play a responsibility in the organization.

Swatantra Dev is currently the Minister of Jal Shakti in the Yogi government.

Recently, Swatantra Dev resigned from the post of state president and the leader of the Legislative Council also resigned from the house.

Since then it was discussed that Swatantra Dev will no longer be involved in the decisions of the BJP organization.

But CM Yogi spoke in the public forum for more than six minutes in praise of Swatantra Dev and then called him in the core committee meeting when he is not even a member of the committee.

Further strengthens the point that Swatantra Dev is not affected by the decisions of the organization.

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