Tibet Avalanche: Violent Avalanche In Ningchi, Tibet Kills 8

Tibet Avalanche: Violent avalanche in Ningchi, Tibet kills 8, China sends rescuers.

A huge avalanche hit the city of Ningchi in southwestern Tibet. At least eight people have died since the avalanche.

Chinese state media reported that after the avalanche, the Chinese government sent teams to recover bodies and search for missing people.

Many people were trapped after the avalanche.

Xinhua News Agency reported that an avalanche occurred between Pai Village in Menling County and the exit of Desongla Tunnel in Medoc County at around 8:00 pm on the same day.

According to Xinhua, many people and vehicles were trapped after the avalanche. Rescue operations are underway.

Officials have yet to specify how many people are missing. Additionally, no additional details are reported.

The state-run Global Times reported Thursday that local authorities dispatched 131 people and 28 vehicles to the scene overnight.

China’s Ministry of Emergency Situations has also dispatched a team to Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China.

Nyingchi is known as Tibetan Switzerland.

According to the information, as of 17:30 on the 17th, the emergency rescue headquarters put in 246 personnel, 70 vehicles, and 994 search equipment for the rescue operation.

Located at an average altitude of about 9300 feet, Ningzhi is referred to as Tibetan Switzerland.

The process of returning the symbols of Sikhism from Kabul continues, and the last two forms of Guru Granth Sahib have arrived in Delhi.

After Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the process of returning beliefs and heritage associated with Sikhism continued.

In this episode, two remaining holy forms of Afghanistan, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, also arrived in Delhi on Wednesday.

The last two volumes of Guru Granth Sahib are also known to have been brought to Delhi.

Heritage from Afghanistan.

Jago-Jag Aasra Guru Ott and former DSGPC President Sardar Manjit Singh G.K. According to Guru Maryada, Sardar Paramjit Singh Sarna got both swaroops at Delhi Airport.

At this time Sardar Manjit Singh G.K. Given the current situation in Afghanistan said all religious heritage was being returned after the Taliban came to power.

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